Mobile Application

Mobile Application

We, at CL Infotech create applications that leverage the benefits of the wire-free-world into lives and businesses. CL Infotech actively engage and involve in the emerging Mobile marketplace at Our Offshore Mobile Application development center.

With the use of .NET, open source, J2ME, JavaPhone, Personal Java, WML and WAP technology, we develop highly customized mobile applications at a much low cost. Our dedicated team has an expertise in delivering products and professional services to wireless customers worldwide. With an extensive experience in mobile application development we can develop usable and reliable mobile applications for your enterprise that are closely integrated with your existing information systems.

Wireless applications development presents daunting application development with the challenges of ever increasing number of devices with different capabilities and display formats, still evolving protocols, emerging standards, new programming languages. It takes skilled, proactive and knowledgeable developers who understand and appreciate the intricacies and complexities of advanced technology who can quickly master wireless application design and development.

Our solutions include

  • Mobile enablement of your enterprise needs
  • SMS Based application development
  • Mobile content generation
  • Mobile gaming