Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Designed to be simple, elastic, secure, and cost-effective for both businesses and developers, Cloud Soft Sol Services allow you to use and store information and applications on-demand. Use them for as long (or as short) as you like and pay for only the capacity you use.

Cloud computing is a centralized computing technology which involves providing dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet. Cloud server hosting services are delivered from a cluster of network connected web servers. Cloud computing technology has eased out the process of individual installation of applications and is more efficient with one of its prime features being centralized storage, memory, processors, and bandwidth allocation.

Cloud server hosting solutions also reduce the overhead cost of server hardware and other applications, and are suitable for companies that are looking forward to cut their cost. In short, Cloud computing can also be defined as fully redundant and multiserver systems which are easily scalable and can be virtualized on demand.

Some of the key challenges that enterprises face include:

  • High operational expenditure connected to manage bequest and surplus applications
  • Massive applications that are not flexible enough to accomplish new business actualities
  • Lack of application alliance with the customers requirement
  • Incapability to recognize application breakdown
  • Customer complaints on the performance of the application
  • Complexity in incorporating with online platforms