Propagation - International Marconi Day from UK
G0KYA, Steve Nichols

United Kingdom

How to read the charts

The chart shows the best frequency to use. The "hotter" the slot, the higher the probability of making the contact on that band.
These are based on CW, 100W, dipole to dipole and a "good" reception. Adjust the reliability according to your own station, but CW (Morse) offers a big advantage.

For more general charts see

United Kingdom

Reliability/Band graph produced by VOACAP Online
This shows that to work the UK-based stations from within the UK, 80m (3.5MHz) and 40m (7 MHz) are probably your best bet.
As we head towards sunspot minimum you may find that 80m (3.5MHz) will work best, especially on shorter distances as the critical frequency won't be high enough to support 7MHz.

If 7MHz doesn't work for you (and after dark) revert to 80m. IMD stations are unlikely to use 60m (5MHz).

If you are closer than about 100 miles you may even find that you can work the station on HF, especially on CW.